Bookmark Beauties

Back in early December, one of my grandmother’s requested that I make her another cross-stitch bookmark, as the one I had made her a few years ago was very worn out. I gave it a lot of thought and decided to. With both grandmothers having birthdays in December, and due to their age, it has always been a struggle of what to gift them as they already have everything they need. I chose two patterns to use from a booklet, Mark That Spot, I bought a few years back that Cross My Heart, Inc. had made in 1995.

For my paternal grandmother, I made her something that tied into my memories of hanging out having tea in her dining room. She had such lovely blooming plants everywhere. So for her I made an Amaryllis bookmark.

For my maternal grandmother, I made her a dolphin bookmark for all the many times we went to see the dolphin show at the Baltimore Aquarium.

I love knowing that I could do this for my two adorable elders, and it would be something they could enjoy as well. It is so wonderful to know that even a bookmark can be a work of art but most of all a work of heart.

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