Going Bananas

Hi everyone! As we wrap up winter break I thought I’d share something that’s made me both smile and get ridiculously excited. As someone who loves art history very much, it’s always exciting to find a piece of art history in a completely unexpected place. And you wouldn’t believe where I found it: bananas. Yes I said bananas. For the past few weeks, I was surprised when I went to the grocery store and bought some bananas to see none other than classic/well known artworks transformed into banana themed works. Chiquita banana recently created 12 stickers inspired by well known artworks and artists with a funny twist of turning them into bananas. They have stickers inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, Andy Warhol, Sandro Botticelli, Roy Lichtenstein, and Gustav Klimt just to name a few. When I first saw these I was almost too excited and found them to be the funniest and cutest things ever.

Chiquita Banana Stickers

These are just a few of the stickers they made and that I’ve collected from the bananas I bought. I have to say the Birth of Venus, or as they call it “Birth of Chiquita,” has to be my favorite and made me laugh the most. I don’t know if anyone else has seen these too but I absolutely had to share how wonderfully cute these were. HERE is the link to their website to see some of the other stickers too.

Stay as creative as these banana themed artworks and good luck to everyone with the start of the semester!

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