Bronze Pouring

This past week the Sculpture I class did a bronze pouring. I didn’t have a piece that was being cast but I got to help pour bronze which is always an amazing experience. There were several pieces being cast and a lot more bronze than usual. Only me and one other student wanted to pour. The pictures and video shown here was taken by another student.

Before we poured, flux was added to the bronze to make sure that the metal was clean. The other student held the piece holding the metal on the live end which controls where it goes and how it pours. I held the dead end which follows whatever the live end does. Because there was so much smoke from the flux being added I could only pour for so long with the wind blowing it in my face. My teacher helped me and took over the dead end so that the rest of the bronze could be poured. Here’s an awesome video of the bronze pouring! Enjoy!

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