Therapeutic Ceramics

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I made a ceramics piece for my art therapy class. It finally came out of the glaze kiln this week so I have pictures to show you all!

I just wanted to spend this week talking about how ceramics has been therapeutic for me as a medium.  I think it’s important to note that clay is different than other materials because you use both your dominant and non-dominant hands to manipulate it, and it really becomes connected to you. The more you touch it, the more it begins to dry out. It’s a very physical process whenever you work with clay. I worked with clay a little in high school, but I really became interested in ceramics as soon as I took my basic ceramics class here at Marywood. Immediately, I couldn’t rip myself out of the studio no matter how hard I tried. Something about being on the wheel specifically resonated with me. Feeling the centered clay spin in my hands made me feel centered in life. It’s a very mindful process being on the wheel. You can’t think about anything else other than the clay. You must be constantly present in order for the piece to be successful. I loved this. I often struggle to find a moment in time to think to myself and be in the moment. Clay has made me become more centered in my life, and it is always a good escape for me. I enjoy the “alone” time I get while working with the clay.

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