I Once Turned Myself Into a Tree!

As the spring semester is surely yet slowly wrapping up, I am left pondering and reminiscing as I always am at the end of each semester. At the beginning of the semester in my sculpture course with Nikki Moser, we were given an assignment to create some sort of sculptural body modification. We needed to some how create a temporary alternation to our body. For quite some time of this project I was left in the dark, I had not one idea on what I wanted to do! For one, this concept, this assignment was something completely different and innovative, which I praised Nikki for because not only was I challenged physically to create a body modification sculpturally but I was also challenged mentally.

When first faced with my thoughts and ideas, I felt I was left in a vulnerable state of mind. The topic of body modification truly had my brain wandering and wondering but eventually leading me to what I thought to be one of the greatest ideas I have ever thought of! I came to the conclusion I wanted to transform myself into a tree for one of many reasons. Not only do I see trees as these beautiful and inspiring beauties in the world of nature but I see them as these strong and sturdy structures. Trees stand tall and strong through it all, no matter what they may face. They inspire me to stand tall and strong when I struggle within myself emotionally and mentally. When I find myself outside among the trees I feel a state of tranquility. I feel happiness and freshness. I feel as if nothing could go wrong and not worry is brought to the surface.

The big question after I jotted down those ideas and notes was “how am I going to create this?!” I could picture this sculpture in my mind but translating this image from my brain to paper was quite the challenge. I knew I wanted my entire body to be covered. I wanted this sculpture to take over and be the main focus. Nikki suggested the use of a vinyl screen, brown paper, and rope she had. I took her suggestions and ran with them! After long hours and days of creating, I eventually ended up this magnificent piece:

Tree Sculpture

Overall, I was very proud and happy with myself and this piece. My favorite aspect of the piece is the incorporation of found materials including backpack shoulder straps which I threaded onto the vinyl. I felt like a genius when I came up with that idea! However, the best part of all, this piece serves as a body modification but can stand alone as a sculpture as well!

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