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Third week complete of the fall 2015 semester. This week we have seen a lot of Marywood’s Centennial celebration, so happy birthday Marywood University! Interesting week again, this time something has crawled into the AC hoses in my car, and sadly to say by the smell, it has left this world. How do I know it has died you ask? Well first off there is no smell like that among the living!

Anyway, here’s a rundown of what I’ve been up to:

Shooting Butterflies

A friend of mine in my Printmaking class works at flower and plant nursery, and she said they had some Monarch butterflies hatching, so my friend and I decided to go there to do some photographic shooting. I decided to shoot this differently than I normally would and was just trying to gain different effects. I loved the movie “Silence of the Lambs” so I thought I might replicate the cover in my own way. There was so much to photograph that it was hard to narrow down a few shots to show you, I hope you like the ones I picked.

3-Point Lighting

In my Advertising Photography class we are learning 3-point lighting, so soon I will have some pictures to show you. The good news is I recently got some new equipment, a new flash and lighting kit, that I plan to use on this project. I am always looking for models so give me a holler if you want some portraits.

Enclosed Spaces

In my Color Photography class we are just starting a project called Enclosed Space. The project is basically taking pictures in a confined space, so I am searching for inspiration. If you have some ideas, I could use some help! Sometimes my inspiration needs a good kick-start.


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