Left Handed Curse

Today I’d like to address a mildly annoying inconvenience that affects millions of left-handed people and me. Aside from the common complaints us lefties have concering can openers and scissors, this gripe is one of the more unpleasant. Now you self-righteous righties might not care about the plight of the left-handed, but fellow lefties−you guys know what I’m talkin ’bout. Left hand smudgedBecause in our culture we read left to right, which translates to how we write, draw, and pretty much conditionally put marks on a surface, left to right. This standard, however, interferes with the way a left-handed person writes. Because your left palm rests on the surface of our page as you draw towards the right, your palm smears the medium on your page and on your hand.

There is actually a product you can buy to correct the smearing problem. While I do stand here today condemning this plague upon my left hand, I don’t see myself wearing an anti-smear glove any time soon!

Featured image: Creepy hand sculpture @ jengabean.deviantart.com

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