There’s Art in the Air 

“Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus

There is a period of time between Summer and Autumn that I don’t think has a name. The weather can either be anywhere between ninety degrees to sixty degrees; sunny or rainy and there is a faint smell of fall in the air. This period of time does not last long but I have definitely felt it these past couple of days. After this time, Autumn is in full bloom. This means the leaves start to change into gold, red, burgundy, and orange making the trees look like they’re on fire. Its one of my favorite seasons because of this beautiful picture that mother nature has painted.

Although it is not Autumn yet I couldn’t resist blogging about it. I live in a wooded area not too far from Marywood and, believe it or not, the leaves are already starting to change there. The pictures that are in the gallery below are not from this year but are from the past two years.

The first picture and also the cover photo above is of a mountain trail by my house. I had been walking there during a rainy day and got the urge to take a picture of the beautiful but almost eerie scene in front of me.  The second picture was taken at my aunt’s house who lives close by to me. I had actually taken it around Halloween which fits because of the black cat at the end of the driveway. The cat is actually my aunt’s and he loves getting his picture taken.

The last two pictures were taken on Marywood’s campus during the fall of 2014. I took the picture of the bright red leaves on the tree when I was walking to one of my classes. The tree is at the edge of the art field by the old library and I still pass it going to class everyday. The last picture is of a wiggly worm that crawled up on my boot during my drawing class. I really loved the color of his fur and I heard that the colors can actually tell you what that year’s winter will be like. He kind of sat there for a while as a drew a tree until I took a picture of him. After that he went crawled back into the grass and I watched him slowly make is way to the woods. From the leaves to the little creepy crawlies in the grass; Autumn has some amazing art to offer if you take the time to look.

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