Building Portfolios

If you study art or are interested in studying art, building up your portfolio is an essential part of your career. Starting a portfolio in high school is a good way for colleges to see how you have progressed.

Portfolios not only help with applying to colleges but they can also be helpful when trying to find a job or internship. Showing people what you love to do and being confident in your work, but also being able to give yourself constructive criticism, is a strength because it shows that you want to improve.

I’ve learned that bringing your original artwork to an interview is  good when you meet with an interviewer face to face, but if you are sending a résumé as an email attachment, having a link to your online portfolio or your own personal website with you artwork is preferred. I just recently started my own online portfolio using the website called Coroflot. This site promotes free portfolio space online to help designers promote their work, gain exposure, and find job opportunities.

Building up your own portfolio is a very important step when you are an art major. So what are you waiting for? It’s the time to show off your work and be proud of what you have done!

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