Bullet Journal

So I have recently been seeing people starting “bullet journals” on Tumblr and Pinterest. It’s basically a journal but with grids instead of lines. It’s good to keep track of notes and check things off. I was a bit hesitant at first because all of the ones I see online are so pretty and the people have great hand writing. I decided to try it anyway. I was able to be creative in my own way and even tried to write nice. It was very calming and I do it every day. I have a key in the front, squares are for tasks, circles are for work, triangles are for appointments, dots are for notes, and etc. I also wanted to keep track of my moods each day so I have a Year in Pixels page but since the year is half way over it starts at August and goes until December. I also have a page just for August but with simpler moods. I wanted to be creative with this one so I drew up a lion since it is August and I am a Leo. Then I split it up to the number of days there are in August. So by the end of August I will have a very colorful lion and I can reflect back on the month.

I feel like this would be great for anyone, especially with depression or anxiety. It’s a great way to see if you are doing better or worse. Journaling like this also helps people create a schedule and goals for themselves for that day or even for the future. It’s already helping myself for the better and I recommend it to everyone!

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