What a Client Wants

Whether your client is the head of a very big company, or a close friend, it is very important to find out what makes them happy. If you are commissioned for a project, you must ask your client what they want whether it is a business card, a poster, or a painting and what kind of design they want. Some clients will tell you exactly what they want while others leave it to the artist’s imagination. There is almost always a little tweaking until the client is satisfied with the final result.

My clients right now are my family members. Either my mother asks for a drawing for her office cubicle, or my siblings accept art instead of a bought present for their birthdays. This time my cousin asked for me to design a business card for one of his high school activities. I asked him what elements he wanted on the card, and how much of it was left for me to make a simple design. He ended up loving the design and only had a few things he wanted changed.

He wanted to have the Academy of Finance logo in his school colors because that was the club he was the president of at school. academy of finance 2There was also another business card he had used which had the information he wanted which I used on he new one. One of the changes was from a solid blue graph to a thin line because of the amount of ink it used.academy of finance thing edited

The final result was simple and had everything my cousin wanted in it from the colors to the logo. It gave me practice when it comes to having a client, and he got a business card for his club which was better than a copy and paste one from the internet.

academy of finance thing part 2 edited

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