Bullet Shell Ring 

This project was a fun little side piece that I did for my sister. She’s picky when it comes to jewelry because she’s very punk and a bullet shell ring just seemed appropriate for her. I got the shells and the idea from a gentleman who was in my Jewelry I class. I had the shells for so long I almost forgot about them until I was going through my supplies and remembered that he made rings out of them. The process wasn’t too hard, it just required a lot of cutting. I cut the sides off until I was left with two strips of metal on opposite sides to make the band.

I had to make sure that I didn’t cut off too much of the metal because I didn’t want it to be small on my sister. So once I got the right measurements I soldered the two strips together to make the band. To make sure I had a nice circular band I hammered it until I was happy with the shape. Next, I cleaned it up in a pickling solution and filed the edges so they weren’t sharp. Finally, I let it soak in liver of sulfur with gave it a little bit of an aged look. I left a lot of dents and scratches because I thought it added to the look. I think it turned out well and my sister loves it.

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