Empty Bowls Excitement

In just about a month, we have a very exciting event taking place! I’ve spoken about it in other posts, but we’ve made a lot of progress since then! Empty Bowls is a fundraiser that for the past three years Marywood’s Art Honor Society, Zeta Omicron, holds. This event raises money for the Meals On Wheels here in Scranton, PA. The organization is always so appreciative, and it really makes it worth it.

Right now the students in Zeta Omicron are in the process of getting all of the bowls ready for their first “bisque” firing. I believe at the moment we have made a little under 200 bowls, and throughout the next week or so we’ll have at the very least, 200 bowls. Our goal for this year was 250 and I think we can do it! So after we finish throwing more bowls and trimming them, they will be ready for firing. Once they are fired in the bisque kiln, we have our next task at hand: glazing. We have about 13 glazes in the ceramics studio to choose from. So within the next few weeks we’ll be glazing our little hearts away and loading them into the gas kiln for the final firing.

The bowls will range in price from $10-$20, each of them are handmade and one of a kind! Once you buy a bowl, you get a complementary bowl (cup) of ice cream. The event will take place on the First Friday of May, May 5th, 2017. We will be selling the bowls at the same venue as last year on Linden Street, which is now the Electric City Escape! This is such a great fundraiser for an even greater cause! I’ll keep you updated and I hope to see you there!

For more information about this Empty Bowls/Meals on Wheels NEPA event, visit the Zeta Omicron Facebook page.

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