Busy Bee

This week I was way too busy and tired with work and going out this weekend with my dad. We went to a bee keepers meeting where a spokesperson talked about bees and a disease that is deadly to the bees and if your bees have this it means you have to burn everything, the bees, your tools, and etc. Therefore it does not spread since there is not a treatment for it yet. It was really interesting and I was able to look for the Queens. I was able to take some great pictures of the bees.

As you can see in the pictures, most of us had the suits on to protect us from getting stung, but the master bee keepers wore short sleeve t-shirts and shorts and would touch the bees with their hands and did not get stung. I find it amazing but absolutely ridiculous at the same time. Thankfully I did not get stung when my dad and I were inspecting the hives but once we were done I took the protection off and got up close to the bees to take pictures. The bees were actually really calm which was nice because I really did not want to get stung.

I am hoping that in these next few weeks I can catch up on my art and sketch from these photos of the bees. My close friend wants a tattoo of a bee and I am going to sketch some designs for her and see if she likes any of them. I have so many plans but I keep having other things to do, but I am not working these next few weeks so hopefully I can get the things I planned to do in my past posts done in the next few weeks!

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