Keeping Busy this Summer

We have come to the time where it is not only the end of the school year for colleges, but all schools are ending the year and getting ready for summer. That means a lot of parties whether they are for graduations, birthdays, or just regular summer parties. Some of you may have very busy schedules where there is not even a second you have to yourself while others may have absolutely nothing to do and just sit at home. Whichever kind of person you are, you should always keep your creative juices flowing and continue making art.

I am one of those people who always has something going on. If I have any sort of free time, it is normally used for well-needed rest and just lounging for a little while. Unfortunately because of all the events and tasks at hand, I haven’t been able to sketch and create art as much as I would like. On a more positive note, I have been able to practice some of my design skills while completing tasks that need to be done; killing two birds with one stone.

My brother graduated high school and wants to have a small party with friends. One of the things I was put in charge of was designing the invitations. Instead of going to a website to have it made and shipped to our house, I suggested to create one using the skills I learned this year so we could print the invitations ourselves. I was also put in charge of the layout for invitations to my brother’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor. By taking care of both invitations, it not only took the weight off my mother’s shoulders, but it also helped keep the skills I learned fresh in my head so I’m prepared for next semester.

Not only was I able to design the two invitations, but I was also able to help my sister and our local priest with a bulletin ad. With all the information I learned from my classes these past two semesters, I could pick out design flaws and help create a more aesthetically pleasing ad that will hopefully catch the eye of many young people in the parish that we are hoping will attend the event.

In the few short weeks I’ve been home, I take every opportunity I can get to further develop my skills. Since this summer will be very busy for me, I hope to be able to take on smaller tasks like these. They may be small tasks now, but they all add to my experience as an artist. You don’t always have to take on big projects that are time consuming and will take you weeks to slave over every day. Sometimes a few small projects is all you need to keep your mind from going stale.

As for those who have nothing to do this summer. Get out there and explore. You can take on these small projects from time to time, but if you are looking for something to occupy your time, go out to an art museum with a few friends and grab some lunch, start a new project you’ve been meaning to start, or finish that one project in the corner that isn’t complete yet. If you have the time, don’t waste it. Whether you need to use your time, or you don’t have enough, keep your hands busy and your mind fresh.

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