Busy in Art

Lately things have been a little crazy. There have been midterms, there have been assignments, there have been critiques. And all of these things were able to be squeezed into the estimated ten days we are actually on campus during March. With spring break week and Easter break, March has almost been non-existent on campus. With all of the business, however, there has been massive amounts of art exercises, art assignments, and art events mixed in with the hectic student schedule everyone had during March.

This past weekend consisted of egg painting which my grandpa took the liberty of being extra creative. He is a talented artist who, believe it or not, had never participated in egg coloring until this past weekend with our family. He wanted us to give him paints and brushes when all we had was a classic egg coloring kit with the pallets dropped into vinegar and stickers.

But don’t worry he made do…

colored Easter egg with a face on it

He was going for a Picasso style.

Even before break I was feeling the spring time spirit from Zeta Omicron’s Easter/Spring Card Sale. I love Zeta’s card sales because it is so nice to see what everyone can bring to the table creatively. The cards always look wonderful and everyone gets to craft for a little while making them. All of the cards are hand made by Zeta members! The sale went really well!

zeta omicron Easter and spring card sale

Even more excitement that I can barely contain is the fact that the Empty Bowl Project will be taking place THIS FRIDAY, APRIL 1st at First Friday Scranton! I am so excited to be part of this amazing event and can’t wait to see how the event goes! The members of Zeta have worked tirelessly to make this event as great as it could be so I am excited for it to actually be happening in a matter of days! We couldn’t have done it either without collaboration with a large amount of generous people who were just as excited as we were to host this event! Thank you to NET Impact (Business Club) for graciously sharing your building space by letting us have Empty Bowls take place there as well as helping us with advertisement. Thank you to the wonderful donors of both our ice cream and our ice cream tank. And of course thank you to our amazing faculty in the ceramics department who generously donated the clay, glazes, allowing us to fire all of our bowls, and even making some bowls to donate to the cause! This event would not have been able to happen without the amount of support Zeta Omicron has received!

If you would like to own one of 250 our hand made ceramic bowls please come out to First Friday! The bowls are priced from $10-$15 and you will even receive free ice cream with every bowl purchase you make! And even better the proceeds made there will go towards Meals on Wheels of NEPA to help serve meals to those who are hungry in North Eastern Pennsylvania! It is going to be an amazing night!

 It has been beyond busy this last month but everything that made me busy was things I genuinely love and enjoy doing which made all of it worth it! After all, if I am to be busy I would most definitely prefer to be busy in art!

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