Opening Umbrellas

As spring is beginning to awaken all of nature, it is also awakening new art in the community. Scranton First Fridays in the spring-time are always so enjoyable because the weather is nicer and people are so excited to walk around town. This is great for artists, because it makes us all the more excited too! Plus, then First Friday can also move outdoors which is one of the things that I am really excited about for this week! Marywood art majors will be doing a lot at the April 1st 2016 First Friday in Scranton. One of the shows that I am excited for is the #ScrantonLove “April Showers” Public Art Project. Marywood artists decorated, painted, and transformed umbrellas to add to the collection that will be a public art show. Many people from around the community are participating with creating umbrellas and then they will all be shown at in Courthouse Square during April’s First Friday!

I was so excited for this show because how many times do you get the chance to design your own umbrella? It was such a fun canvas to start on with the unique shape and material. Everyone here had such creative ideas and had so much fun getting together to design them. Some people did creative paintings, and others went out of the box adding new materials. Not only did we get to participate with making umbrellas, but it brought students and friends together to create art.

You can find out more information about the #ScrantonLove show at their Facebook page: Scranton Love Public Art Event

Here are the umbrellas that I made!

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