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Europe Rant

Tourist are a necessary life blood for Italy, and being American sometimes we get a bad reputation and we get treated poorly because of this. But I found that it is not the locals that are being rude. When you walk into a store or place it is customary to greet the owners or workers. As I have been writing about in my posts I have really gotten to know a few of the locals that work at the establishments that I hang out at. I can see how things change when Americans come in and don’t understand the customs or courtesies of this nation. The local’s attitude totally changes for the worse when you don’t act courteous. I wonder how many times I did this in my many travels? I do like that my outlook on life is changing, things are slowing down for me, and I do get to smell the roses when I slow down and see the photographs in things. It is Easter weekend and my Birthday was on Saturday. I won’t tell you how old I am; I like to say I am 21 with a whole bunch of shipping and handling. Ok, the weather here is beautiful, so not much writing to do and more exploring to do! Here are a few of some shots I was playing with at the river. My poor friend Kristen. I put her through such torment, the water was freezing cold.

SACI Class Update

Black & White Photography
Had our second critique and I had to email Sam Olfano to tell him he has no room to complain about us photography students. Second Critique and a few students have not made any photographs at all. Instead they spend 20 minutes talking about their ideas and their concepts of what they are shooting but have zero work to back it up. And a couple of these people are photo major/minors. SMH! I am glad to be going to Marywood where at least we have some work ethic.

Color Documentary Photography
OK the amount of photos I have for this project is staggering. I dread having to sort and choose just 15 for my final project. I still have a few more shoots I want to do too. April is going to be a busy shooting/editing/printing month!

Digital Multimedia
Our next project is based on the Body. I am going against the grain and using Photography as my medium instead of programs I don’t know and Video is not the way for me.

My documentary plans are all set so we are going to be filming soon! Group projects stink.

Art History
More northern artists and their works. We haven’t been to a museum in a while so I am getting bored sitting listening to lectures. And besides the lectures are painful for me to sit through. My friends keep me awake by pinching me.

Weekly quote~

“How high your awareness level is determines how much meaning you get from your world. Photography can teach you to improve your awareness level.” ~ Ansel Adams

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