Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló is a house designed by Antoni Gaudí, built during 1904-6. Besides the Sagrada Familia, this is my favorite structure I’ve seen by Gaudí.

Like his other work, this house is inspired by nature. The interior staircase is covered with whimsical blue walls, and fuzzy glass that makes you feel like you’re underwater.

Even the windows and fireplace are inspired by nature—the windows are inspired by sea turtles and the fireplace is mushroom-shaped.

My favorite part of the building was the roof. There were multiple chimneys spread across the entire space, shaped like waves. Also, there was a good view of the ‘dragon spine’ that lined the top of the roof.

The exterior facade of the building is the most intricate area. It’s filled with skull-shapes, flowers, stems, and of course, ceramic.

What I find most interesting about Gaudi is his ability to combine functionality with aesthetics. It’s beyond me how he manages to come up with these insane ideas on paper, and somehow bring them into reality!

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