Finals Are Coming. . .

You Know Finals Week is Approaching When…

  1. You catch your end-of-the-semester cold.
  2. You honestly cannot sleep whatsoever.
  3. And you are not sleeping because you are up late working on a million papers, tests preparation, and art projects that you are desperately trying to get perfectly flawless.
  4. Stress and anxiety hit you like a bus.
  5. The parking lots are as full as they were the first week of classes.
  6. I do not know about everyone else, but you may do something highly drastic and crazy that has noting to do with finals because your brain is just going a hundred miles per hour; mine happened to be dying my hair.
  7. You pretty much need coffee or caffeine through an IV.
  8. You are at the point where the bags under your eyes have bags and unfortunately they are far from designer.
  9. You get a thought of running away, not finishing anything, and basically giving up but deep down you know you cannot do that. You would be lying if you said this thought never popped into your head.
  10. You see students you never saw before and you wonder where they been all semester.

But on a seriously note, finals week is not that bad. Okay maybe I am lying but it could be worse so in reality it is not that horrible. And, just think…soon you will be free to travel, spend time with friends and family, and simply do what you wish. I always look forward to winter break because it is the one break were I actually get a break and I always use my time to learn on my own and make art! Sometimes I feel as if I do not get the time to create my own personal art during the semesters because I put all my time and effort into my classes, so over the winter break I have the time to create for myself.

However, I am sure after a week of being off I am going to want to start the new semester. I just get very anxious and excited for all of my classes. Speaking of which, next semester I will be taking two art history classes! I am really looking forward to learning about new artists and works and of course I am beyond excited to share my knowledge with everyone!

Good luck with finals and I hope everyone has a lovely winter break!

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