Cast in Stars 

In a post, Moon Phases, Waxing and Waning, almost a year ago I presented my first wax cast ring in white bronze. I’d like to think I did better with my new piece shown in the featured image above, which I cast in real silver, cut my own stone and feel more confident about the finished product. My teacher carved the stars after the ring was cast because that was something I didn’t want to mess up. I’ll get there eventually but for the most part I think I’ve done well. The stone is blue Hawkeye which I cut and polished myself from a slab of stone. Getting the stone to fit into the ring was probably the hardest thing to do because it had to fit just perfectly. This had to be done in the wax first. I have a heavy hand and like to carve too much out but I got it to work this time.

In the image here on the left is a picture of the wax version of the ring. To the right is what the ring looked like right after it was cast in silver. There was a lot of sanding and polishing involved to clean it up. Finally, after it was clean my teacher carved six stars into the ring. I wanted six stars because my zodiac constellation is made up of six.

The images below are of the finished ring from different angles. The ring is as symmetrical as it is going to get but I wanted the placement of the stars to be uneven on either side of the ring.

Overall, I’m happy with this finished piece and I can’t wait to finish my last project for this semester!

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