Photo Restoration

Over the past couple of weeks I had been working on a project for my Computer Graphics I class. It involved restoring an old, kind of destroyed photograph using features in Photoshop. The goal of this photo restoration piece was to show some of the many amazing uses of Photoshop. Here’s my original image.

img002When I began this project, I had to start by scanning the photo into the computer. I proceeded to transfer the image into Photoshop to do the editing portion of this project. I cropped the photo just slightly to get rid of the white edges. To fix up some of the damaged portions such as the wrinkles and random spots, I used the spot healing tool. I also used the burn tool to fix place where the photograph folds were.

One of the most difficult parts of this project was taking out the tree entirely and adding more wooden planks on the bottom right hand side. For this I used another tool called Clone Stamp which basically takes whatever you circle and allows you to place it somewhere else. I used this to create more of the wooden planks down at the bottom to make it as if you could keep walking instead of replacing it with gravel.

Finally we had to do a process called hand tinting where we would make a new layer and add color using the paintbrush tool and changing the opacity. For this I made the car green the the dress of the girl purple. I tinted the man’s shirt red to contrast the green. I also tinted their skin but on a very low opacity. The wood planks, the wooden ledge, and the ground also have a subtle tint to them.

Here’s my finished project below. I didn’t love the way this project turned out, I struggled to choose the right colors when I began hand tinting. But one thing that you can always do with your artwork, even after a project has been critiqued, is to go back and revise it which i do plan on doing. It is encouraging actually, if you go back and change your artwork to make it even better.



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