Experimenting With Extended Exposures

This past week, after some instigation from a professor, I decided to start experimenting with more extended exposures at smaller apertures more or less to see what kind of results I could muster. A few early attempts on a rainy day saw fairly sharp, albeit cliche, photographs of rain on a windows and other similar things; later on I was presented with an extremely foggy night. This is the sort of situation that I would normally try to photograph at least for the sake of documentation but considering my new interest in longer exposures, I figured this was a cool opportunity.

Exposing mainly for over a few minutes, these particular examples being bracketed at 2 to 5 minutes, I tried to accentuate the effects the fog was having on the areas around me. Interestingly, and likely the most interesting thing about these images, is the light from a streetlamp (out of frame) bleeding into the fog and casting a warm haze throughout the image that almost hides the fog as the cause.

Overall my goal was to try to expand the presence of the light as much as possible, but with exposures at nearly 5 minutes, and my camera doing automatic noise reduction after every shot that took even longer, the fog had subsided before I had the chance to really fully experiment with the conditions. Despite this it was a neat exercise and as far as friendly change goes it was nice, the added bonus of a car driving by shortly before the shutter closed on the last image to me made the shoot even more worthwhile.



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