Using Your Resources

Recently, in classes and on my own, I’ve been focusing a lot on getting my work out into the world. I’ve talked before about using social media and creating public accounts specifically for artwork, but I’ve recently learned about a new way to promote yourself online.

As a graphic design major, I’m extremely dependent on Adobe products like Illustrator and InDesign. Fortunately, I’ve been able to subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud for Students so I have access to all of the apps I need, whenever I need them. On top of all of the apps, if you’re a subscriber, you also have the option to create a portfolio website for free!

I was really excited to learn about this because it’s a way to showcase all of my work in one place, while also linking to all of my other social media. And, if you’re like me and don’t know much about coding, the layouts for the websites are already done for you, you just get to customize colors, fonts, and then put in your work.

I’m still working on putting my site together, but so far everything is really easy to customize. I’m so excited to see how the site turns out, and I encourage everyone to use all of the resources given to them. It’s not only getting your money’s worth, but it’s also benefiting you in the long run by showcasing your work all in one place.

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