Abstract Accident

The semester is almost over and I think I only now have had a breakthrough with painting, and this is the last panting class that I ever have to take! I was making a piece in my last class but in the beginning I was having a really bad day. I woke up late so I literally rolled out of bed (didn’t even brush my hair) and ran to class, and I was a little late. Well then I had to start a new abstract piece and I was not too happy about that. I started and I didn’t like the start of the piece so I actually got disgusting brown paint and smeared it over the entire canvas and then started over. I think this was the happiest accident I ever did. Ever. I just started layering paint and then scraping it off. I almost ran out of white paint so I was being really careful about how much I used and I scraped the white off a lot so I would get the most use out of it. I used a palette knife for the entire thing (mostly because I did not want to clean any brushes lol).

IMG_9428.JPGThese two painting are by far my most favorite paintings that I have ever done, and I just want to make more! I honestly never thought I would ever, ever be excited for painting, but I really am! Who would have guessed! Too bad this is the last painting class that I have to take. I though I would be overjoyed by that and I am not 🙁 Maybe I will make some studies on my own!


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