Domains Master’s Exhibition

Before everyone heads home for the Holiday’s consider stopping into the galleries here at Marywood for a beautiful exhibit. For a short period of time the Suraci is holding a Master’s Exhibition of three artist from Marywood; Alyssa Palina, Ghadeer Bostaji, and Audrey Sedlak-Barbati. The exhibit, entitled Domains, is running from December 3 – December 17, 2016.

Each artist uses their travel, experiences, and influences from their lives to represent the messages they want to present to the viewers. Everyone’s use of color is impactful for this exhibition. As soon as you walk in the gallery the room is encompassed by color creating an interesting exhibit to immerse yourself into. Below are images from each artist that are participating in the exhibition.

Winter Photograp

Sanctuary Audrey Sedlak-Barbati


Macaw Ghadeer Talal Bostaji

Hawaiian Tree

A Tree in the Hawaiian Breeze Alyssa Palina


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