Catching Up

This week I finally got my woodburner to work. I was able to do the pieces I wanted to do weeks ago, the flower branch and the heart. I woodburned the design and I’m wondering if I should add color. Not like a painting but bursts of watercolor throughout the wood to make it pop out. It did not turn out like I wanted it to due not having actual watercolors. I used paint and water so it turned out darker. I am also trying out my new tips to the wood burner so its not as sharp and smooth like I wanted it to be.

I also started painting my bee sketches on some slate. I use to paint on slate all the time because of how the paint worked well with the slate surface. I have multiple sizes so I might make more this week of different designs but bigger. My first attempt did not come out like I wanted it to so I need to retry it when I get fine brushes, mine are old and worn out so I need to get some new ones to do the rest. I really hope they come out good so I could hang them up in the house and give some to my dad sense he loves bees!

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