Finding a Place of Your Own

As artists, it becomes more and more difficult to find a place to put all of our art supplies. Supplies could be scattered everywhere, with few charcoal sticks next to your bed, a canvas or two in the corner, and pencils in every part of the house. The tricky part if finding a place to put it all, or at least become more organized.

closet picYou don’t always have to find an expensive storage unit for organization. Pieces of furniture you might have been looking to get rid of could be repurposed into something that can hold some of your art supplies. There are many ideas on Pinterest that may inspire you to repurpose your old furniture. Sometimes you don’t even have to do much work to change an old dresser into a place to store your supplies.

My sister and I, since we share a room, have a wardrobe we’ve been thinking of getting rid of for a while. Fortunately we we’re able to use the shelves in part of the wardrobe as a space for my art supplies and her crafts without building anything.D5D9FD9B-F0E0-4D3F-8BDE-D6B2206E604A

We used a few old bottles and cans (washed out and dried) that we collected as containers to keep similar things together like beads, pencils and thread. I also picked up a few small mason jars for some of my smaller art supplies like my erasers and vine charcoal. The canvases were put together and so were all the sketchbooks and paint by numbers. We organized by size and type of supply so we could find everything easily.

You can use whatever you have left over in your house. Be creative and put all of your art supplies in one place whether it is an entire basement, or just a closet. Have a space that is dedicated to your art supplies so it is easy to know what you have and what you need.

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