Recently in my Illustration class we started a new project that dealt with coming up with our own theme park and various aspects of one. This included tickets, a map, and a 3D model of one of our rides. It involves being able to design cohesive elements that relate to the theme of the park. I chose to go with a cat theme and named my park Catlandia. Then I brainstormed and made thumbnail sketches of every idea that came to mind.

For the tickets I went with a plastic type of card that has a rectangular shape. I used the paintbrush tool in Illustrator and drew five cat heads of different breeds to put on them. I also used each background color of the ticket for the eyes of each cat to help unify each one.

Finalized Tickets

Next I turned to working on the map which turned out to be a big challenge because of how detailed it needed to be. Before I could start drawing all over a piece of paper I needed to come up with rides, buildings, and other attractions that would be found on my cat themed map. I had begun by made a list of these elements and picked the ones that would work well together. Then I drew it on a large sized paper and colored it in using colored pencil.

Finally I made the 3D model using cardboard and a hot glue gun. For this, I referenced one of my thumbnails of a roller coaster. To create the actual model, I cut strips of cardboard and hot glued them together for the tracks of the ride. I cut smaller strips to act as the “beam” that would hold the roller coaster up on the base that I had. Some of the pieces had images from the box I had cut them from, so as a last step I painted the whole thing white. I named this ride, the Devon Rex.

Overall I think this project brought together many great areas design. We had a little bit of everything such as being able to work on the computer, working in the round, and by hand. It was a challenging project but worth project in the end!


Map of theme park

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