Cats Inspiring Art

This week, I’ll be discussing an important companion for most people; Cats!

Cats are cuddly, fluffy little angels/demons who bring us companionship and joy every day, and they also inspire some of my art projects! I have two rescue cats, Coco and Aruba. My family and I adopted Coco from a local Scranton animal shelter, Animal Care Associates, about three years ago, and she immediately became a very spoiled kitty. I rescued my kitten, Aruba, when I was in Florida doing the Disney College Program this past fall. She was stuck inside my friend’s car, and my friend drove to work with her still in the car! My friend called me when she got to work, and I rushed over to help her free the kitten. When we finally got the kitten out, I immediately said “I’ll take her”. My friend and I took her to the vet the next day, and had her treated for some minor issues she had wrong with her. After my college program was over, she endured the long car ride back to Pennsylvania with me and she’s been here ever since! Since my cats have been in my life, they have inspired a few of my art projects!

My favorite art project I created starring one of my cats, was a print I did of Aruba in cartoon form! I had a lot of fun with this one, because I got to imagine her as a cartoon and was able to throw a little of her sassy personality in there as well.


“Aruba” Linocut Print

The one thing that having cats, or just pets in general, has taught me, is to adopt! There are many hopeful animals in shelters that are just begging to have a home! I’ve included the name of the Animal Care Associates Facebook page, the rescue where I got Coco! Who knows, maybe you can find your new best friend, too!

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Animal Care Associates Scranton, PA

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