Foundation Year!

I recently just finished my freshman year in the Art Department at Marywood University and I can honestly say I have grown as an artist. As a freshman in art, you are required to go through Foundation Year and I’m happy to report that I took away something important from every art class.

Drawing I with Mark Webber: I discovered that I can only complete an artwork if I see it completed in different ways in my head.

2-D Design with Dennis Corrigan: I discovered that I put every idea I have in one project and that it’s ok to edit. This helped me to filter my ideas and to just roll with one and save my other ideas for different projects.

Computer Graphics I with Sue Jenkins: I discovered that I have an eye for color and organization. This is beneficial because it helps me identify what I want from being a graphic designer.

3-D Design with Nikki Moser: I discovered that I enjoy pushing limits. Most of my projects that came out of that class in some shape or form did something unusual. They would appear as if gravity didn’t affect them or they would seem familiar to everyone but for different things.

Having freshman students get experience in all forms of art is a great way for stunting identify what they want to take away form Marywood. Every art major benefits for foundation classes. You can grow as an artist and begin to develop a style. Personally I Foundation Year has benefited me greatly.


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