Celebrity Art

As you know, there are many forms of art. One form of art that I truly appreciate is music. I don’t often talk about music on this blog because when I think about art, I think more of physical or digital art that someone creates.

However, I went to see Kesha and Macklemore in concert this weekend (they were excellent!) They are two very talented artists in the music field. But Kesha was actually working on two types of art at the concert.

She performed one of her older songs, Take it Off. During the song, she asked fans to take off articles of clothing and throw them on stage. It was wild!

Afterwards, she told us that the clothing that was collected from the stage was going to be used for an art project that she was working on. That got me even more excited than I already was!

But, she didn’t disclose what the project was that she is working on. I’m really excited to see what it is. I can’t wait to find out what sort of art Kesha would create!

I think it’s awesome that Kesha is working on some sort of art project. I think it’s awesome that she’s using her platform to work on another type of art than what she’s already making.

I can’t wait to see whatever she does!


Featured image by Sadie Walshaw

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