Contrast of a Sunset

There are many beautiful parts of a sunset. Some may think its the color of the sky, or the way the sun shines through the clouds, or the way the sunset’s reflection appears on the water. All of these aspects of a sunset are truly remarkable and create a perfect sunset scene. But this past weekend, I was extremely intrigued by the sun darkening everything else around it to give such strong contrast in my eye’s view.

I have always noticed this high contrast before, but particularly this weekend it struck me harder than prior sunsets. The way the sun showed the silhouette of the trees, leaves, rocks, patio furniture, an more, I could not look away. How the sun was setting was defining other individual parts of nature and I found that inspirational. Moments exactly like watching this sunset remind how important it is to step back, breathe, and just take a few seconds for yourself. Whether it is in front of a beautiful sunset like this (see pictures below) or just closing your eyes on your couch for 5 minutes, it is very important to take a breather. Days can be hectic and busy, but everyone deserves and needs at least some down time before they go to bed for the night. When forgetting to take couple minutes for themselves, that is where people tend to forget about themselves, their needs, and their own mental health. Maybe not every “breather” will be in the presence of the sun setting over the rest of nature, but I hope you can make your relaxing moments as beautiful as this one.

I mean, cmon … How perfect is that!

Featured image: [Sunset picture]

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