Ceramic Artist: Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark is a fairly well known American Potter. His work is spread largely through his Instagram page @andclark on which he posts pictures and videos of his creation process.

Clarks work stands out among others because of its truly original design. He incorporates mechanical pieces that move, spin, twist, slide or open/close and which function for a purpose. The design of his mugs, cups, tea pots etc., are based on a translation of “cutaway” diagrams. Those diagrams that illustrate a product and show it half assembled with a view into the inner workings, much like this:

Clark uses a process of manipulation after throwing his forms to end up with products that look like they’ve been slipcasted, not thrown. After throwing his initial forms on the wheel, Clark waits for them to dry partially, and then uses wood tools, forms, ribs, knives and all manner of instruments to finish the piece.

To watch his creative process I suggest taking a look at his Instagram @andclark or visiting his website here

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