Crayon Action

Stepping back into the frame of reality, I am experimenting with basic portraiture. Instead of a ballpoint pen, I am using a felt pen to create a variety of line sizes. It is important for me not to make the lines perfect; leaving them rough to create character. I like to draw straight onto the paper, not doing any pencil drawings. This method forces you work with mistakes and roll with it.

After creating the person in pen, I go back in with crayons. I try to use somewhat realistic colors, but will be pushing that like in the second drawing. The last step I have done with previous work is to outline the portrait in color. This color should fit in well with the rest of the colors to create unity… but going for something bold is also an option.

Below are three different variations using the same materials, but with slightly different techniques.

Untitled 14

“DUNHILL” – Felt Pen and Crayon

Untitled 12

“VIBRANT” – Felt Pen and Crayon

Untitled 13

“BEN” – Felt Pen and Crayon

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