Ceramic artist: Steven Hill

There are so many masterful craftsman producing incredible work that it can be difficult to focus on your own work. You will always be told that you should find people you admire and whose work you love and use them as inspiration; but it is often hard to keep yourself from copying work you love. You might spend time researching the work of an artist and instead of being inspired you only wish you were like them, and then get sucked into a kind of creative block. I grapple with this issue as much as the next person and what I’ve come to do is rather than constantly look at other peoples art, I regiment the time I spend admiring and keep it minimal. That might sound like a negative thing but I have found that for myself it works quite well. I still expose myself to new artists new styles and beautiful work that I love but by making sure I limit that time, I am motivated to do more rather than become put down by the inferiority of my skill-set compared to some of these people.

One such ceramic artist is Steven Hill. When I first came upon his work it stood out because of the elegance he puts into his vessels. That is something I strongly admire because I love simple beauty, and try to make elegance in my own work.

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