Weekly Sketches

I have set an objective to create more work. Each day I will be making more and I will have a drawing/piece for each day of the week. These will vary from pencil drawings, ink, watercolor, paint, digital, etc. I will be improving my ability to create finished art.

I have hundreds of sketchbook pages that are filled with work, but not many finished pieces that could be considered “complete”. Instead of small sketches all over the page I will work on artwork that will fill the entire page and have a purpose… making mock advertisements, posters, album covers and more.


Self-portrait out on the river fly fishing


Man driving his automobile


Drawing off an iconic photograph of a man working atop of skyscraper in the early 1900s.

These drawings are my early examples of what I have done this week. I am excited to look back through my sketchbooks after time has passed to see any improvement and altercations to my style, size, medium,

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