Ceramic shapes

Pottery allows for just as much freedom of expression as any other art form. A potter can inject their own style on the clay and take it wherever they want to go. It is sometimes easy to forget this freedom, and to get stuck in routines of making things that are all the same. Now of course this is sometimes the goal, to try and make things as much alike one another as possible for production of sets and matching vessels; but it really is just as important to occasionally disrupt the process with more creative pots that stand out from the bulk of your work.

It can help bring new ideas to just play with the forms and shapes you make and let the clay go where it will. Many times when i sit down at the wheel, I have no forethought as to what I will make with the clay in front of me. Instead, I begin my process and move forward until the shape of the clay seems to suggest what it would like to be.

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