Sketches – Week 7

Continuing with the same style and technique as last week, I took inspiration from the early 1900s. I did not spend much time on perfecting each stroke; I drew very abruptly. My favorite part of these drawings is that I was pulling the figures out of the paper using just the darkest shadows first. Then I would go in lighter with a bit more of a steady hand.


Two men unloading a truck bed carrying bags of sugar. Out of all of the drawings, I put the least amount of time into it. I didn’t capture movement in the figures; they are statue-like. I will focus more on proportions and find a solution to show more movement.

Untitled 15.PNG

This drawing is of a WWI British Soldier with a Vickers machine gun. I had him hunched over gripping the gun; his eyes not drawn in detail to show his determination. This drawing has much more movement in comparison to the first.

Untitled 10.PNG

This drawing was done from a photograph of a man pulling bags of sugar off of a cart. I was going to draw the background which was him and a bunch of other men standing in the back of a warehouse, but I decided to stick with the solid black background instead.

Untitled 12.PNG

Although hastily penciled in, this man working on a truck is the most intricate. The complicated engine and bay was difficult to draw and I left out a good amount of smaller components. Using darks in the engine bay, I was able to bring the man into the foreground.

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