Reflecting On Last Semester

Hello everyone! I am honored to be a part of the Where Creativity Works Team as your new Photography blogger!

This week I found myself reflecting on my work from last semester, Fall 2019, as I prepare for my next semester, Spring 2020. Last semester I took a photography class entitle, Advanced Black and White Photography. In this class I had the opportunity to work with a 4×5″ Film Field Camera.

I learned so much by taking this class. I never had the opportunity to work with film before taking this class, as I didn’t have a dark room in my high school. Before I was allowed to work in the dark room I had to understand how to set up/take a photography on the camera, learn how to place film in the film holder, and learn what each chemical used in the dark room does.

For this class I had to take portraits, landscape, architecture, and still life photographs. I had the most trouble creating still life scenes to photograph. I composed my still life scenes of props from the photography studio, my house and my fellow photograph student, Kenzie Thomas. Even though I was faced with the difficulty of creating still life scenes, I was able to create four different scenes,as seen below.

With the knowledge I learned last semester, I am looking forward to putting it to use in my photography classes this semester. I can’t wait to see what I can learn and create this semester. I hope everyone’s semester starts without a hitch! I’ll talk you all next week!

Brianna Pensak - Skull Still LIfe
Brianna Pensak-Sea Shell Still Life
Brianna Pensak- Lamp Still Life

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