Ceramic Work

The semester moves along super quickly especially in studio terms – when you have pieces that take multiple weeks to dry, bisque, glaze, and fire again it can seem like you get very little done at the end of a semester.

That’s why its important to keep yourself moving forward and making what you want to get done while you have the resources.

These mug forms are a great step forward in the process of refining small pots. I continually try to use less clay to make more vessel (keeping them light and thin) and include small pro details like putting 45 degree angles on the trimmed foot. These things can really separate your pieces from others when being viewed by an experienced eye.

The ‘trout jar’ is coming along quite nice. The form is basically complete and now is the stressful part of drying it out. Checking every day almost expecting to see a massive crack in the pot but crossing your fingers that there isn’t. Having faith in your throwing and trusting yourself takes time but its very valuable.

Small fingerling trout mug, something I was working on developing last week. It is good to have more than one line of work that you can produce and sell. That way you appeal to a larger audience and to people who don’t want to drop huge cash on larger pieces but might love to pick something like this up for 30-60 dollars.

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