Finding Your Style

One thing I’ve realized lately is that I haven’t been doing what I thought I wanted to do, but instead discovered my passion. Throughout the years, I was able to figure out my art style, and keep my passion going.

Consisting of thick lines and flat color, I’ve been able to find my rhythm and make a living out of creating art for other. I’ve even made friends with some of my clients!

Exploring different options and poses as well as adding personality to pieces is something I truly enjoy doing, and it’s always a proud moment to see my clients excitement over the finished piece. For example, the paint brush and the Nintendo switch in the above images give the illustration more character. That was a great starter piece to show many interested clients who wanted examples of my works before having themselves drawn. In the next piece, this client wanted his favorite book in it and it really brings a lot to the drawing.

Something I’ve learned I’m not always great at is drawing hands. So, I’ve started to practice coloring and drawing hands (and new things in general) in preparation for future pieces.

Finding yourself and your style can be scary, but finding yourself and knowing what you want to do for your life can be fun and really rewarding as well.

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