Preliminary Steps

I have been thinking of my next painting for quite a bit now. I have a general idea of what I would like to depict, it is the crucifixion scene of Jesus and I do have a pretty well rendered compositional sketch draw up which is typically all I would go off of. However, I am taking my time before putting brush to canvas this time in order to to create a more thought out path to follow as I begin to paint.

initial compositional plan

Shown here above, is the general idea of the painting that I would like to paint next. With this piece I would like to depict the crucifixion of Jesus but focused more on the witnesses ‘reaction’. They appear to be joyful that the man they saw as a mad criminal, who they have condemned to die, finally pay for the supposed wrongdoings he committed. Literally dancing around his dead body completely unaware of the salvation his sacrifice secured them in the kingdom of god. we are only human and we often fail to see the greater picture. This is a very thoughtful painting and I often get too caught up with WHAT id like to paint at this point without giving too much regard as to HOW id like to paint it before jumping right in. This often leads to problems down the road while painting, problems that became pretty clear to me on just my last painting.

By rendering the figures a bit more detailed, I hoped that they’ll be easier to identify and ultimately paint in aspects that will make them more interesting part of the painting. Also by making a separate sketch if the figures i’ll be able to manipulate their place in the composition when I project the drawings onto the canvas. I would like to make the figures the main focus of the piece which is challenging to do considering that the figure in the center is the single most famous scenes in western civilization but I’m up to the challenge!

Finally, I decided to think about what colors I wanted to apply to the shape of Jesus on the cross in order to better guide my judgement when it comes to the final painting. As it appears, i am not exactly in love with the realistic colors I have drawn in, at least not for the finished product . However, the sketch that is shown here does work well as a separate piece on its own apart from its place in the painting I am planning.

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