Ceramics with Eva

Along with my fibers course instructed by Eva Polizzi this semester, I am taking Ceramics 1 with her as well! I first took Basic Ceramics last fall with the one and only Matt Povse and fell completely in love with working with clay. Once the course ended I began to truly miss every moment of it. I constantly kept reminiscing about the pieces I made and all that I learned. I wanted to be back in the ceramic studio more than anything and that is when I came to the conclusion to continue taking ceramic courses!

My main goal for this year’s course is to truly go above and beyond. Looking back I felt I could have achieved a little more than I did in basic ceramics. I really want to take the opportunity to walk away with some really great pieces this semester and as of now I am feeling very positive especially based upon what I am currently working on!

Our first assignment for the course is to make a cookie jar. For my jar I came up with the idea to create a tree inspired piece. I came up with the idea because, as I usually always mention, I am highly influenced by nature. I love every little feature and product of the earthly world. I simply enjoy bringing my love for nature into my artworks and with this specific piece, I am really bringing nature in. For the base/body of my jar I decided to go with a tree stump design and incorporated tree bark for my texture. I saw a few pieces of bark on the ground and picked them up. I used the bark as a stamp and pressed it onto the body of jar and I am completely in love with the way it turned out this far! I cannot wait to see what my final piece will look like!

tree stump-cookie-jar


Featured Image: http://www.wonderroot.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Ceramics-Studio_03.jpg



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