Chair Brochure

It’s finally that time of the year… HERE COMES SUMMER. But, before I get to far ahead of myself I want to show you my last but definitely one of my favorite projects of the semester.

As a class we got to meet up with a few interior architecture students here at Marywood, to create a brochure for them. The brochure was to be designed based on their preferences and their chair design, that was displayed at the May First Friday show, in downtown Scranton, PA.

I choose a chair that was a modern rustic style. I really liked the way it looked and I was excited to get designing based off the architecture, Courtney Mackrell, style.

Here is her chair brochure:


This was a lot of fun because, I decided to do some hands on designing for this. I used plywood for the cover and back and a metal ring to keep it all together. I especially enjoyed this project because I clearly was not even sure how to approach it, so I get to spend sometime with my dad cutting and staining to create one of my favorite projects I ever did.

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