Top 5 Summer Photography Projects

School is finally out and summer is just around the corner. If you’re anything like me, making art will become an afterthought with summer jobs, hanging out with friends, and all outdoor activities we can now do since it’s no longer cold. For those who feel guilty, do not stress! I plan on sharing with you how I will stay active with my art. So here are my Top 5 Projects that I intend to work on this summer for photography.

1. Friend/s Photoshoot

Portrait- PixabayWant a fun way to work on your portraiture? Call up a friend or two, have them dress up, and head to a park. There, you can capture them leaning up against trees, sitting by a pond, or frolicking in a meadow. It’s a good way to kill an afternoon and can lead to some goofy times while also giving you the opportunity to improve your work.

2. Landscape Photography

Landscape- PixabayTake a hike. No, seriously! Go on a hike with family, friends, or your dog and capture the scenery. It’s a great way to get some exercise too!

3. Adventure/Narrative

Adventure- PixabayGo on an adventure. It can be big, like traveling to an exotic area, or small, like going across town. Find something new that you haven’t done yet and document your experience. Have your pictures tell your story.

4. Animal Photoshoot

Animal- PixabayIf you have pets, great! Do a photoshoot of them. Interact with them while taking pictures (throw bones, balls, mouse toys, etc…). If you don’t have any pets, see if you could borrow a friend’s dog, cat, or turtle. See what funny shots come from it!

5. Night ExperimentationS

Star trails- Pixabay Light Painting- PixabayFor those nights by the campfire, you could work on a couple different things. First, try your luck at star trails. Open up your shutter and point it at the sky (star trail tutorial found here). You could get some really cool shots. Second, you could experiment with light painting. Find some glow sticks and flashlights and go at it (light painting tutorials found here). See what crazy thing you can make! You can also find more tutorials online on how to do both.

If this list doesn’t satisfy, I suggest looking up other cool projects to try with photography. You might surprise yourself with a new technique or idea.


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