Challenges Throughout the Semester

Since the semester is coming very close to the end, I thought I would take a chance to talk about the challenges and failures I have encounter these past few months in my Film Photography class.

As a photographer, I try my best to be a perfectionist but a lot of my challenges came during printing. First, I have trouble getting even borders around my photographs, which (thankfully) Sam tells us not to worry about for this class. However, I still try my best to get them as even as possible which was can be very tricky! As the semester went on, I got definitely made progress at aligning my board to create an even border but I am still not quite there yet.

Another issue I have encountered recently was forgetting to blow dust off of my negative prior to printing. This then causes the dust particles do show up on the print itself. I tried fixing my last two prints, but negatives are pretty hard to handle and I was too afraid to wipe the dust off and simply blowing light air on them did not make a difference. Of course, the dust may possibly just be part of the photo, as in the dust may have just been fluttering around when I took the original picture.

The last issue I came across is handling the film. For those who do not know, pieces of film are meant to be handled very delicately; the emulsion can be very easy to damage. Sometimes it is hard not the scratch the emulsion a bit when trying to develop the film in the dark. The emulsion also easily copies a finger print when touched. Both of these situations happened to me a few times, and there is not much to do to fix it, but I’ve been getting better at handling the film as I learn.

As I keep going about doing film photography, I slowly but surely learn to be more careful and precise. Once the semester is over, I will still have plenty of left over film and paper, so I hope to keep playing around with film photography until I am out, just to help my knowledge!

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