The Last Day of Summer

I always tend to go back to what I enjoy drawing… moments captured while fly fishing. There is a particular moment that I depicted from the final day of this Summer. I rose early with my brother and we made our journey to the stream. Although at the end of August, it was a brisk 45 degrees standing in the water. After an hour or so with no luck we became fearful that neither of us would catch a trout. Being the last fly fishing trip of the Summer we had to catch one…


Entering one of our favorite spots, we waded into the water. I made a few casts as he tied up his rig. I stepped out of the water to change my fly and I looked up briefly. I tracked his strike indicator (bobber) bounce across the riffles and then plummeted below the surface. Pulling back on the rod, he set the hook and the rod arched. Line taut I watched and he worked to bring the trout in. Reaching behind him, he pulled the net off his vest and was at the ready. Leaning over and pulling the rod tip back, the trout was guided towards the net. Quickly scooping under, he lifted it out of the water and shouted with excitement.


I swapped his hat and hood out for an old school fly fishing one. I also did not go into too much detail for the background. I wanted to keep the line work fast (Sharpie) and not spend too much time on perfecting it. The splash of the water is something that I should have put more effort into because it lacks in the drawing in comparison to the action packed photograph. 

I was a nice size rainbow trout for the stream and we jumped with joy. Several photographs were taken and then it was gently released into the gorge, so someone else too could experience what we did. Fishing for a while longer we did not even get a bite. It would have been nice to catch another, but as long as my brother catches a trout and I watch his excitement, I am satisfied.


I have always noticed that in every photograph of us fly fishing that when there is a smile from ear to ear when a trout is on the line. I have never noticed myself doing this and my friends agree; it must be an unconscious reaction to what if feels to reel in such a beautiful creature and experience nature so intimately.

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