Changing it Up

One thing that happens to me often is that I fall in a creative rut. It’s not that I can’t think of anything to make, or don’t want to, but rather that I’m making a lot of things that are very similar.

When you use the same medium repeatedly, sometimes you can get trapped in the same cycle of creativity over and over again. It’s not a bad thing to make work that reflects a personal style, but it’s always good to try something new.

I took this advice for myself and decided to change things up. For my daily doodles I usually just use black pens on white paper and draw. This time I chose to change it up by giving myself more options and using different colored pieces of paper, and multi-colored pens. It’s a small step, but it definitely helped change the look and mood of some of my drawings.

Using these new materials inspired me to create things unlike what I had done before, while still showing off my personal style. This experiment gave me a little more inspiration to create new things, and hopefully I’ll be able to continue making these small changes and eventually have a body of work with a larger range of mediums, and many new techniques.

Here are some of my other drawings from this experiment!

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