So like I have mentioned in previous blogs, I am trying new things for the summer. The other night I was on instagram and I saw a video of this thing called embossing. I have actually never heard of it before but it really is not a new thing. People like to emboss their initials on the back of wedding invitations. Well on this video I saw, the person who made the video said she bought all of her tools at Hobby Lobby. So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought all the tools she had mentioned. It was all about forty dollars and I used one of the 40% off coupons on Hobby Lobby’s website. I bought a water mark pen, a clear ink pad, one rubber stamp, black paper, gold and silver embossing powder, and the heating tool.  The video I saw made it look so easy, and it actually is! It’s really fun and satisfying to do.  The first thing you do is use the pen or the stamp to make the design that you want. Then you cover it with the embossing powder. The powder looks like sparkles but has a very fine texture to it. I then tapped off all the extra powder, so it is nice and clean looking. I used a soft brush to clean around the words. After I had everything  ready I heated up the heat tool and held it close to the letters so it started to melt. When it starts melting, the color gets really bold and vibrant. It is so satisfying how smooth it melts. Since I bought all this stuff I can’t stop making new things and playing around with it. I even decorated my phone case and made a picture to hang on my wall in my bedroom. I high suggest trying this, you will be addicted just like me!


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